Introducing our Production Team!

Meet the team who make everything happen behind the scenes! This army of dedicated volunteers do all the things you don’t even think about when watching a West End show. Directors, musicians, choreographers, hair, makeup, props, costume, sound, lights, front-of-house, sets, stage-management, photography, marketing, etc, etc. This is a BIG production, and we’ve got a BIG team who will be working hard to make the magic happen. A great big THANK YOU to every single one of them!

Producer – Ian Haig
Director – Esther Biddle
Musical Supervisor – Leigh Thompson
Choreographer – Ashley Nottingham
Costume Designer/Co-Producer – Sheara Abrahams
Set Designer – Toots Butcher
Lighting Designer – Simon Deacon
Hair & Makeup Designer – Lauren Appleby
Sound Engineer – Andrew Cotton
Company Manager – Damian Sandys
Production Manager – Dominic Whiffen
Stage Manager – Jo Hinton
Deputy Stage Manager – Ryan Quelch
Videographer – Ben Scriven
Marketing & Publicity Director – Barry O’Donovan

Directing Team
Associate Director – Alex Sutton
Assistant Director – Max Reynolds
Assistant Director – Stephen Whitson
Assistant Director – Jules Tipton
Assistant Director – Tim Frost

Musical Team
Associate Musical Director – Sean Green
Assistant Musical Director – Simon Lambert
Assistant Musical Director – Chris Peake
Assistant Musical Director – Gavin Whitworth
Assistant Musical Director – Huw Evans
Vocal Consultant – Pippa Duffy
Rehearsal/Audition Pianist – Magnus Gilljam
Rehearsal/Audition Pianist – Charlie Ingles
Rehearsal Pianist – Jenny Miles
Audition Pianist – Alex Bellamy
Audition Pianist – Erika Gundesen
Audition Pianist – Leo Nicholson
Audition Pianist – Oli Rew

Choreography Team
Assistant Choreographer & Marketing Exec – Cameron Ball
Assistant Choreographer – Fleur Mellor
Assistant Choreographer – Nicola Martin
Assistant Choreographer – Michael Gilburt
Assistant Choreographer – Rosie Williams
Assistant Choreographer – Brett Nelson
Assistant Choreographer – Georgina Lawlor

Costume Team
Costume Supervisor – Anna Cavaliere
Costume Assistant – Stephen Frosdick
Costume Assistant – Hannelore Cauwenbergh
Costume Assistant – Dani Raytchev
Costume Assistant – Gianluca Gasparini
Costume Assistant – Sophie Howard

Hair and Make-up Team
Wig supervisor – Sam Cox
Hair & Makeup Deputy – Nikki Bird
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Charli Smith
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Ash Fenners
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Victoria Martin
Makeup Assistant – Daniele Arbisi

Company Management Team
Assistant company manager – Bethany Breakspere
Assistant company manager – Kirsty Pitts
Assistant company manager – Emily Reynolds
Assistant company manager – Becky Smith
Assistant company manager – Daniel Thomson

Stage Management Team
Assistant Stage Manager – Zara Schafer
Assistant Stage Manager – Tafara Takavarasha
Assistant Stage Manager – Ross Jardine
Assistant Stage Manager – Amber Waller
Assistant Stage Manager – Izzy Brain
Assistant Stage Manager – Rachel Brown
Assistant Stage Manager – Christopher Irving
Assistant Stage Manager – Sally Reeve
Assistant Stage Manager – Dominique Pierre-Louis
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Caselton-Smith
Assistant Stage Manager – Sam Griesser
Assistant Stage Manager – Abi Cook
Assistant Stage Manager – Giles Burden

Assistant Sound Engineer – Mat Peterfi
Assistant Set Designer/Set Builder – Mike Leopold
Assistant Set Builder – Nick Mead

Marketing & Publicity Team
Marketing Executive – Lorraine Martin
Marketing Executive – Marika Visser
Poster & T-shirt Design – Joe Roukin
Programme Designer – Laurence Beck
Website Designer – Simon Wilkes

Photographer – Cameron Slater
Photographer – Darren Bell

Front of House/Party Manager – Shelley Eadie
Front of House – Matilda Cobham
Production Assistant – Richard Maxted
Production Assistant – Amy Abrahams
Production Assistant – Rachel Jarmy
Production Assistant – Kathryn Feehan
First Aid and Production Assistant – Liz Jarmy


March 21st 2016

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! THANKS A MILLIE-ON to the cast, orchestra, host, crew, production team, theatre staff, audience, and EVERYONE who helped make last night …

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Rehearsals are underway!

March 19th 2016

Yes, the 48-hour countdown has begun. The cast are busily rehearsing in preparation for the big night at the Adelphi Theatre. At the time …

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Thanks to all our Indiegogo supporters!

March 8th 2016

Thanks to the following people who generously backed our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
You really helped us get this show on the road!
Peter Bramah; Andy & …

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